AirPrint - A password generator app that uses audio.

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Jul 11, 2015, 2:21:43 PM via Website

I have been studying cryptography for about a month. Although I only know the basics, I have learnt that it is crucial that a cryptosystem has access to good source of random data, ideally truly random data.

True Random Number Generators generate numbers that are virtually impossible to reproduce and are non-deterministic. They are based on physical phenomena such as coin flipping, semiconductor noise, clock jitter in digital circuits, radioactive decay and atmospheric noise. Generating truly random numbers using software is challenging, due to the fact that CPU’s are deterministic.

My idea is rather simple, make a password generator app that uses a 500ms audio recording via the devices microphone for a source of truly random data. Using the noise within the audio to help seed and create a unique password.

I am not a UI designer so any feedback regarding the design or the app itself would be much appreciated.

You can download the app for free:


Thank you,


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