Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G; for the lover of Xiaomi,it's the decent note at $125.780 or 7999 Rs INR

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Jul 6, 2015, 9:10:16 AM via Website

Xiaomi has garnered the reputation of launching rock solid performers and also the Redmi Note 4G is not any exception.
The device comes after the Chinese mobile set maker launched the Redmi Note in Asian nation last year,
that set a brand new bar for the type of options and performance one will expect in its market class.
Xiaomi had spoken of the 4G version of the Redmi Note aboard the original launch.
Finally, the phone is here and this can be what it's below the hood.

Design: The Redmi Note 4G has been launched and it's same just like the earlier Redmi Note once it comes to style.
it's merely impossible to physically tell the 2 apart simply by observing them. it's a black front face and a shiny plastic
rear shell at the side of terribly noticeable red icons for the 3 capacitive buttons below the screen. There’s solely
a small silver Mi brand logo on the lower back and no branding on the front. The buttons are lined abreast of the correct
edge, whereas the left is blank. The headphone socket is on top and also the micro-USB port is on rock bottom.

The rear panel could be a bit tough to pry off, however the primary major difference between the Xiaomi Note twins is visible
beneath it. The 4G version of this phone has solely one regular-sized SIM card slot. you continue to have to be compelled to
put off the battery so as to swap SIM and micro sd cards. it's accessible solely in white and features a dimension of 154.00 x 78.70 x 9.45 millimetre and weighs roughly around 199 grams.

Display, camera and storage: With a touchscreen size of 5.50 inches that's a capacitive touch-type, the Note 4G comes with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. As way as phones with 5.5-inch screens go, the device isn’t all that tough to handle.It’s fairly wide and tall, however users can feel its weight and can have to be compelled to balance it fastidiously so as to achieve all elements of the screen with one hand. to reach to the camera, the 4G brother of Note comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera with flash and a front 5-megapixel camera. Quality of the rear camera was glorious given completely different light conditions whereas the front camera made smart pictures for video chats and selfies. Although, Xiaomi has boosted the microSD storage to sixty four GB, the inner storage continues to be eight GB that might are boosted to sixteen GB or a model variant might be created.

Hardware, OS and performance: The Note 4G ships with a Qualcomm snapdragon four hundred 1.6 gigacycle per second quad-core processor that is over capable of handling multitasking on a everyday. To power the center of the dragon, Xiaomi has placed a two GB RAM module
to create things easier. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G gave no hassle running common apps and light-weight games. There was a lag once the
inner memory was stuffed up. The battery life check showed an average of eleven hours, nine minutes compared to the older model’s time of eleven hours, 56 minutes. this might be attributed to the larger screen size.

The OS is that the android 4.4 that comes with a Mi interface that changes the design and feel of the phone. Customisable themes are offered with Java support. Major among them is that the Flesky keyboard app that might are available in handy as several users might not just like the stock keyboard.On the connectivity front, the phone features a Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth module however no NFC or infrared. many sensors just like the compass or the magnetometer,proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and a gyroscope is present.


The phone is nice if you prefer the larger and also the 4G version of the sooner Redmi Note. the main strategy appears to be 2 fold, firstly, not losing out on the 4G front that is creating immense progress and secondly, capture the customers who like big phones. Simply put, price a purchase if you're a Xiaomi fan.

* calculable street value of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G: Rs 9,999

If you want to buy, you can buy online from Amazon at only $125.780 or 7999 Rs Inr type the link as shown in bellow Image on your adderss bar and go

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