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May 10, 2015, 4:19:42 PM via Website


Artssassination is a simple but highly engaging game that mixes high action gameplay with deep strategy based on your own playstyle.

There are 9 different blades, each one with their unique set of stats. Some will be really fast but have weak knockback or low damage while others will have incredibly high damage but be slow.
You are introduced to these mechanics by playing with the 3 blades available from the beginning and the core game mode: arena. These 3 blades are the basic representations of the stats into play while not going to the extremes.
The blue blade has high knockback, average damage and speed.
The yellow blade has high speed, average knockback and low damage.
The fire blade has high damage, average speed and weak knockback.

Playing arena using these blades will allow you to unlock new and more specialized blades that will require more skill to perfect and also alternative game modes!

The game is completely designed around a touch screen. You put your finger on the screen and your blade will follow your every move. In this game you are the controller, you are the blade!


If this sounds like a lot of fun then try it out right now for free!

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