what kind of warranty do protective cases come with if any?

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Apr 27, 2015, 7:22:01 PM via App

I'm new to this forum so if I'm not posting in the right section please forgive me.

I recently received the Galaxy Note 4 from my husband as an early anniversary gift. I went through T-Mobile prepaid service as my provider as the phone is unlocked and I wanted to test providers before I committed to a specific one. I immediately purchased a phone case to protect my investment as it came at a hefty price. I purchased my phone case online through EBay and went with a case called the Ibrook Rugged Hybrid Impact case. Stated it was Shock proof, shatter resistant ect. I work as a safety inspector so while on a job walk of a scaffold my phone fell from about 10 feet high to the ground below. the phone and the case shattered immediately on impact.

I anticipated some kind of damage but What I didn't expect was my phone to completely shatter as it was in this case that made claims to protect against such things. the horrible part is I would normally get my insurance through my provider but given that I went the prepaid route this time there's not an options to do so. So I have no insurance on my phone ; ( I know I know; I could kick myself. my question to you all is do you know if the phone case manufacture cover this type of replacement or at least partial cost given that the case offered ZERO protection? I know I maybe reaching but I have to ask because why even bother to buy these cases if they don't protect or even warranty their product?
Any help or feedback is welcome. I already know my first mistake was failing to insure the phone but that's not going to do me any good now.

thank you

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