LG G3 Cat.6 — Wireless charging

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Mar 15, 2015, 5:16:28 PM via Website

Hi everyone, I'm new here...:) I've had a real bsttle trying to figure out how to get my G3 enabled for this. First off I ordered and installed the 4 pin NFC/Qi chip thing on the back cover plate. I bought a Tylt charger and wish to use it :)
I then discovered that My phone model doesn't permit Qi charging period. ( Model, D850, D852. I'm in Canada w Bell) Seems that these models follow the hardware set ups of the AT&T model in the USA. It requires PMA device for charging ...ugg hard to find!!!
Has anyone ever found a work around for this situation??? Much appreciate any input, thanks!


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Aug 17, 2015, 8:43:57 PM via Website

From what I understand, the LG G3 does not have Wireless charging enabled. You can buy a chip that will enable it, but I'm not sure where you would find one. There are probably some on amazon, but if you cant find it, I would recommend just going to Best Buy or Radio Shack. You can make it happen. :)

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Mar 7, 2016, 8:07:23 AM via Website

I think there is no chance to get wireless charging for lg g3

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Mar 26, 2016, 8:58:04 PM via Website

I have an LG G3, model LGLS990. Currently a Sprint network in USA.

My phone did not come with wireless charging. However, I found information online that it is possible as an antennae change, without any software update or feature enable required. If the phone supports it, the limitation is the antennae. Two items needed:
1. New antennae kit.
2. Wireless charging station.

Sounds like you have both the 4 contact plate antennae and the charger. So it appears your phone may have an internal design difference.

Sorry that I don't know the difference between my LG G3 and yours. If you have the 4 contact pins then I thought it should work. However, I can say that some LG G3 will do wireless charging, even if they did not come that way from phone carrier.

For those who MAY be able to add wireless charging with an antennae change:
I found reference that some LG G3 telephones will not support wireless charging because they do not have the correct antennae kit, and others will never support it because they are not designed to accept exterior antennae charging. A visible difference is inside the back cover. Pull the rear cover and look at battery. Above the battery to left of control buttons are either 2 or 4 gold colored contacts. These provide communication and wireless charging from antennae on the rear protective cover -4 contacts means hardware capable of wireless charging (I thought?). Now look at cover, it will have either 2 or 4 foil contact plates. Two foil contacts are for telephone antennae. For wireless charging you need the antennae kit on the back cover with 4 foil plates. If you have 4 contacts on the device, but 2 contact plates on the rear cover, you should be able to upgrade to wireless charging by adding the correct antennae kit that has 4 contact plates.

I found my upgrade antennae kit online, it came with antennae and instructions (I don't remember what brand or website, look for something with good reviews because this is your telephone reception). I peeled the original antennae off the rear cover (it is a tape pack with internal wiring) and I attached the new antennae that came with adhesive backing. Just put the new antennae in the exact same spot, so that contact and contact plates line up.

I found a couple charging stations that would work, and some that did not work -I tested by going to Frys electronics or others, and placing my updated phone on a sample charger. My phone cover is thick and padded, so it did not charge very well in the case, so I charge outside the case.

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Mar 8, 2018, 2:49:48 AM via Website

Well, weird enough that both G2 and G4 are Qi enable phones while G3 is the exception, which means the G3 does not allow for wireless charging. So don't rush for wireless charging but first make sure your mobile is Qi-enabled.