phone memory is full

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Mar 13, 2015, 9:39:27 PM via Website

my phone says that it is using 3.99 gigs of 4.00 gigs available. when i go the the system memory page to clean up the memory i have one option to delete a program that only takes up 30 b of memory. when i go into the phone apps and try adding up the memory used I can only account for about a gig of memory. so, there appears to be something that is taking up a lot of space. I have already moved everything that I could move over to the sd card and that did not clear up any space. also i deleted five apps that I do not use. still no space cleared up. could I have spyware or a virus? I ran a security scan and am told that everything is running properly that nothing was detected. I need to download an app from google play but I can't. not enough space on phone. What is going on? i am at a total loss on this one.

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Mar 14, 2015, 6:31:18 PM via Website


It won't be a virus, when you go "settings" - "storage" you have a few options

Total Space, System memory (Android OS), Used memory (Apps, Pictures Music etc), cached data (running apps) and miscellaneous Files.

Check through them and delete/move unwanted items. Remember Android uses a lot of memory.

It may be you will have to un-install apps that you don't use. If you haven't used a app for more than 4 weeks then un-install, you can reinstall if needed.

Also use a good file Explorer (X-plore is the best) and check through the folders and delete un wanted files (Remember not to delete system files unless you are sure it's ok + deleting some app files won't work as the app will re download them )
lastly you can root your phone and un-install bloatware (Google apps etc)