Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Storage confusion ???

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Feb 8, 2015, 10:35:35 PM via Website

hi bros & gals !
My mobile is a Samsung N9006 4.4 Android, of course !!

Mobiles have 3 storage areas ....INTERNAL STORAGE (12GB) + PHONE STORAGE (16GB) & my own SD CARD STORGE (64GB) ...right?

...<.DEFAULT Storage > just shows options of PHONE or SD Card (I've chosen SD) to store Apps etc ....but graph shows storage under INTERNAL STORAGE.

PHONE STORAGE shows some storage of Apps etc ...but

SD CARD (64Gb) graph shows ... ZERO

How can I MOVE Apps to etc to SD card(64GB) with far more storage to lesson phone loadings ??????

Help grey thatch is quickly thinning !!!

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Feb 9, 2015, 2:46:20 PM via Website

Well, Alec let me correct you over here first of all there are only two storage option for your device Internal Storage i.e Phone storage, which in your case would be 16GB and external storage SD card 64GB and that other 12GB I don't know how you are getting that .... (thinking). Secondly, because you are running KitKat, that doesn't supports moving apps to SD card which is the reason why you aren't able to move apps !! :) Also you can't move the apps to SD card until or unless you root your device !! :(

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Feb 9, 2015, 10:54:37 PM via Website

Hi Lalit !

This is what is showing in the STORAGE section of DEVICE.

Storage (select option)
Phone or SD card ...SD selected

Internal Storage
Total space 11.82 GB ..(now only 1.33 available).... for more Apps

Phone Storage
Total Space 15.32GB only (.34GB available) ...for more Apps

Total Space 62.48GB .....( nothing ..EMPTY)

...why are they showing SD CARD graph if I can't load apps, etc onto it ....GRRRRRRRRR !!

Can I use my PC and a Micro Reader to load Apps from Play Store/ Androipit onto SD card then insert to my mobile and then use ????

More and more bald !....ha ha !


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