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Jan 30, 2015, 8:56:57 PM via Website

Hey folks,

My old faithful S3 is entering retirement :'( (She's getting old and starting to forget things, but has served me well).

My dilemma is...

Should I upgrade to the S5 or jump ship to Sony?
I've read and researched lots of articles and don't know what to do!

Your help and advice would be most grateful.

I'm also thinking of the Galaxy note, and just to complicate things the S6 and Note Edge are nearly here :? (thinking) (Arrgghhhh. Decisions Decisions).

Which phone has the best features / sensors etc? Do any still allow you to connect to a TV via MHP (usb -> hdmi) which is better for music + multimedia?

As I will be keeping it for 2yr min (contract term) I want to be sure that I'm picking the best (relatively)

Many thanks for your considerate comments (hug)

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Jan 31, 2015, 9:11:02 AM via Website

I'll use my S3 a further year. I rooted it after 1 year and use since then various custom-ROMs.

Atm I wouldn't buy a Note, S5, S6:
- Excellent hardware is buried onder much bloatware, which you perhaps use for a short time (after buying) or only very partially. Shall become better in the future.
- Knox makes unroot for guarantee-items useless.
- The unpublished hardware-drivers make AOSP-based custom-ROMs less smooth than Samsung-based ones. Other facturers do publish.

Mark G.

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Jan 31, 2015, 11:41:36 AM via Website

Sony phones are better in terms of hardware and use, but they may look a bit weird (both os and structure). if you like how it looks go for the Sony.

Deactivated AccountMark G.

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