Basic Battle Guidelines

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Jan 19, 2015, 2:28:40 AM via Website

Having hard time during battles on Crusaders Quest ? Don’t know what strategy to use? Below we will go over basic chain activation strategies to help you win more battles. You will need to implement these techniques in both quest settings and arena scenarios. Without proper puzzle matching technique, you will not last long in harder battles.
Prioritize your chains:
Always look at your team’s HP to determine the order of your chain activation. Focus on heal if your HP is low, and attack if your HP still sufficient. Sometimes if your SP is almost full, you may just activate it to recover your SP. Always change your strategy on the go based on your situations.
Always go for 3’s:
Combine this with the previous tip, always go for higher chains whenever you can.
Time Your Attack and Skills:
Certain attacks have to be done with a certain distance from the enemy. Time your attacks so that none of your blocks go to waste. Always time your taps so that they are the most effective.
Activate Skills After Buff:
Certain magical skills buff the attack of your team members. Combine those skills together so that the actual active attacks or heals become much more effective.
Goddess Boosts:
*SERA*: Protect allies by creating a shield. Shield absorbs 100% damage for the first 1 second, and 50% for the next second
PRESTINA: Immobilizes all enemies for 3 seconds, absorbing 30% of the dmg dealt as HP.
ANUT: Reduces attack power of all enemies by 50% for 4 seconds and removes all enemy buffs.
AUBREY: Lifts all negative effects from allies while increasing the effect of positive effects by 25% for 3 seconds.
BELLA: All allied attacks deal additional neutral damage equal to 50% of dealt damage for 4 seconds. Neutral attribute: Ignores enemy’s armor and resistance.
Blocking is activated automatically in this game as you play through. However, your leader unit has higher chances of blocking. 6
units also have higher chances of blocking incoming damage.

Additional Tip: Always have a Priest on your party because you cant survive on quests without them :)

I hope it helps. Thanks :)

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