Tips to get a solution faster to your problem/question in the android developer forum

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Nov 21, 2014, 11:37:50 AM via Website

Hey fellow developers and Android lovers,

I can see that the activity in this section has increased from the past months and to keep everyone happy (both helpers and developers who ask questions), I have set up a list with how you get helped quicker if you've got a question. I noticed that some developers ask questions with minimum information and it takes more time to help those people out due lack of information. Here we go:

  1. Logcats: One of the tools that I used a lot to figure out where the exception forms itself and it could help me out to discover a temporary/permanent solution. Every developer should know how to use this and comes with Android Studio by default.

  2. Screenshots/videos: A picture with a small description could say more than thousand words. If you include your question with a single screenshot and a description with what goes wrong, that would be amazing. It would be better if you add it up with number 3 in the list.

  3. Content of your files: If you include your code that causes the error or anything else will almost help you instantly.

  4. Technical terms: don't be afraid to use technical terms. Most of us here know what they mean and would even help us out more than ever because being a little vague could already cause confusion and waste your own time which we both don't want to happen right?

  5. Precision and effort: It's basically an add-up on number 4 in the list. Be precise as possible. If you're really general such as: "Hey I want to read a webpage in my app". Some developers won't even bother helping you out because you don't put effort in your topic, so they won't put effort in helping you either. It has to come from both parties.

  6. Spelling and grammar: I know, not everyone's primary language is English, it isn't mine either but try to write your topic with proper spelling and grammar, the best you can.

  7. Common sense (mainly for the helping developers): Clear your mind and think of a simple solution first. Sometimes I think of solving an issue/obstacle with a way too complicated solution when it also could be solved with a smaller solution which might also be more efficient.

  8. Sources: Embed links or samples of codes that you tried to use or articles that read for knowledge that led you to your question, in your topic. Why? So we know what we should or shouldn't be looking for or give you an immediate push into the right direction. This is a huge time saver.

  9. Patience and attitude: Have patience. Most of us are helping you out in our spare time to help build a lovely community with helpful- and new developers and most importantly to see you mark your topic as answered in a good mood. That doesn't mean the helping developers could act like they are better than others. We're all equal to each other and should treat each other with respect. That's also stated in the rules and regulations of this forum.

  10. Kind of answer you want: It's okay for us to give you a piece of code that would solve your problem and your app works the way you want, that's awesome but what do you know about the solution? How does it work? Do you wish to know how and why it works like that? Make sure you mention it in your topic, if you don't, helping developers will choose the easy way out by giving you the answer with a small text on how it works.

  11. Set as Answered: If you mark your topic as answered, others would know that there's a solution in the topic for your question. Developers who come across the same problem could use your topic to solve his problem and that's better than if he/she creates her/his own topic with the same question.

I could make the list bigger and bigger but these 10 points would do most of the tricks by getting you a quicker answer. You don't know to follow all of these points but it's recommended to include some of them (2/3 or more). Thanks for reading, you've got something that you think that should be on the list, make sure you leave a reply :)

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