What does Sony have to do to make the Xperia Z4 the biggest selling Android phone of 2015

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Nov 20, 2014, 9:46:18 AM via Website

I have been covering the Xperia Z4 rumors and news quite a bit recently and it's got me thinking.

I really like Sony's smartphones, not just because I now own a Z3 Compact, I always liked them. I'm not a person who needs a removable battery, I like a micro-SD slot. And I like the omnibalance design. But Sony's phones just aren't selling. I'm not sure that anybody but me at AndroidPIT even owns one! :O

So, what do you think Sony needs to do to make the Xperia Z4 the best selling Android smartphone in 2015? Do you think anything can be done? Or do you think people are just such big fans of Samsung, LG and Xiaomi that people won't buy the Xperia Z4 no matter what it does? :)

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Nov 20, 2014, 10:56:59 AM via Website

I only bought Samsung phones so far and to be honest, they are working perfectly fine but it's not like I wouldn't buy a phone which is from LG or any other brand. My friend who's currently sitting behind me owns a Sony Xperia Z3, it's really fast and works great. Truly inspires me to buy one as well. I don't replace smartphones really often, once per two years but I will definitely take Sony Xperia Z4 in consideration. It looks neat, specs are really really great and Sony in general makes reliable systems and devices (PS4 :D). I would have no trust issues with Sony smartphones, it's just that I don't know much about them

I don't know what Sony needs to do make the Xperia Z4 the best selling Android smartphone but advertising the device and make it look like an exclusive phone just like Apple does with iPhones, more people would buy it. But who knows, I'm not really a marketing expert anyway :)

Tl:dr; Awesome smartphone.

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Dec 15, 2014, 3:56:00 PM via Website

I think they just need to advertise more and reduce those bezels (personally they do not bother me at all btw). At least here in Croatia Sony releases like 2 commercials every year, and they last about 15 seconds.

They need to get a better reputation in the mid range market, too, so more people can recommend Xperia smartphones.
I own a Sony Xperia SP and the biggest issue is the software, it's extremely buggy, battery drains quickly, and Sony left it on 4.3 (CM12 fixed all those issues for me). It seems like they only care about their Z series :(

But anyway, I will always buy Xperia smartphones because I love them, and I am a true fan.

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Dec 17, 2014, 4:11:24 PM via Website

  1. Enter the American market with a competitive unlocked offer, maybe via the playstore. Going through T-Online is a good idea. Selling a half outdated custom version of a z3 as z-almost-4 is not.
  2. Increase visibility. Sony phones are not being mentioned all too often in comparison lists. Give away devices at exclusive events. Place the product.
  3. Leverage their immense media catalogue with reasonable pricing and high quality. Maybe even a 7.99 flatrate for media they own. Currently, when I buy from Video unlimited on one device, I cannot even see the film on my other Sony devices, and I can only buy SD. What a lost opportunity!
  4. Make a Nexus with SD card.
  5. Stress the unique selling points in ads: stellar battery life, quality materials, simplicity, sturdy build, water and dust resistance, bright screen, multitask windows. Use statistics for this like "the most cars with over 100000 miles are you-know-the-brand". I am pretty sure the customer satisfaction for the Z series is quite high.
  6. By all means, stick to the design language. Journalists, understand that this is an iconic design and stop complaining that the new Z is again recognizable as a Z device. That is exactly the point. Others have recognizable elements, but they are arbitrary and ugly, like an unmotivated dent or a square hardware button amidst illuminated touch buttons.

Disclaimer: I am no Sony employee :)

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Dec 17, 2014, 6:53:20 PM via Website

I've always liked Sony(Ericsson) phones, from way back. If the Z4 is not a phablet (i.e. under 5.5 inches) then it would be a shoe in to replace my Nexus if Google ends the Nexus line at the 6.


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Mar 1, 2015, 4:55:54 PM via Website


I've always liked Sony(Ericsson) phones, from way back. If the Z4 is not a phablet (i.e. under 5.5 inches) then it would be a shoe in to replace my Nexus if Google ends the Nexus line at the 6.

SONY has its well known ULTRA series(phablets). I dont think they will ever have a bigger screen than 5.5" on a Z# because of that.

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