Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — data encryption query

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Oct 30, 2014, 1:40:01 PM via Website

I want to encrypt the data on my phone, but not sure about exactly how it works: The instructions say that a password will have to be input each time the phone is turned on so does that mean when the phone is actually powered up from dead -or- does that mean each time the phone is used from a hibernating state (phone on but screen off not being used) to use the phone, text, email or whatever. I have the screen lock enabled so would I have to input a password for the data encryption AND the password for the screen unlock also? Or just the password for the encryption upon powering up the device and then subsequently just the password for the screen unlock when phone is already powered up? It would get to be a pain to have to enter two passwords every single time I want to use the phone from hibernate status (powered on already) say 50 times a day or more... BUT I really do want the phone encrypted also. The instructions say that once the phone is encrypted there is no going back so don't want to screw it up; need to know before I go encrypted.

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Nov 17, 2014, 8:04:49 PM via Website

Fortunately, the galaxy Note 4 does have an "Unencrypt" function that does let you go back to an unencrypted state after initial or other encryptions. After the GN4 encryption, you are required to select a long password of mixed numbers and letters. This password replaces your previous sign on options (e.g. passwords, patterns, fingerprint scans, and so on) to unlock the screen. This means that once you encrypt your device and assign this long password, you must re-enter it every time the phone hibenates. This is a very cumbersome task for most people who need to wake their phones multiple times a day. Your previous passwords are defunct.

After encrypting my device and getting frustrated, I opted to unencrypt it. This returned my phone to the pre-encryption state. I lost nothing in the process. I then reassigned a pattern to open screens as I'd had before my decision to encrypt the device. I am now researching options for encryption that aren't so cumbersone.

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