Huawei Ascend G525 — Can't install Google Authenticator etc apps onto Huawei U8180 Android (2.2.2 version) phone

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qiubo su
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Aug 30, 2014, 1:15:44 PM via Website

Dear Android Community,

I have a Huawei U8180 Android touch screen smartphone and its Android version is 2.2.2. I installed Google Play Store onto it before and it has been working well with the Google apps. Recently I installed Google Authenticator and barcode scanner onto it and they work well as well. But after I browsed Internet with it for just a while, then it behave strangely. I had no choice, then did a hard reset to factory default.

I tried several times to install the Google Authenticator (without install Google Play Store) onto it, but it doesn't work. I played around to try to get the Google Authenticator installed onto it, but no luck. There are different problems during the process, e.g. 1) after installed the Google Authenticator from Google Store site, the status of the apps shown "installed", but in the smartphone device, can find this apps 2) Go the Google Store site and tried to install it again, but can't. Sometimes it shows "You don't have any devices", while sometimes it tells there is no identity etc. In all, the apps can't be installed onto the smartphone device as before.

This looks so weird.

Is there any problem with the device or the problems in the apps side? How can I get the Google Authenticator etc. apps installed onto it sucessfuly? I tried to install the other apps from Google Store site, but got the same problem, no luck.

It is much appreciated if anyone can help with these.

Best regards,