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Jul 28, 2014, 5:59:21 PM via Website

[Cropper][1] - The simpliest app for cut images .

We are living in modern world where the minutes and the seconds are very expensive. The time passes with lightning speed, and we are trying to manage to do as much as possible for this short time. We are living in the world where the photo is not only impress in the shot but emotional substantial imprint as grandiose long expected event and several ordinary incidents. But for us each photo is the piece of past, some memory which
touches soul. We are sharing this photo to relatives, friends, familiar in all types of connection: email, social networks, or photo printed on the paper. The purpose of this app was to do the simplest and the most convenient interface. This interface must have the most popular and useful parameters of processing. It allows you simply prepare photo for print with several pressings if you are in the metro or in the train or in your free time. Many users goes to photo center to print long expected photo but collide with the problems when you get bad photo. You got the photo with white stripes by the edge or you waste much time when you look into tricky photoshop or ask photo master to locate photo as you want. Our app helps you to process photo as you want.

So our app allows:
- print images using google printer,
- change orientation of frame (from portrait to album and other way),
- change scale of the photo (increase or decrease),
- change angle of turn,
- change correlation of photo and choose proper frame for social networks or for photo frame (in Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram; 9x13, 10x15,15x20 etc).


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Jul 28, 2014, 11:00:11 PM via Website

Thanks! Good work but i dont understand why u create app like this if we have pretty well native app in adnroid 4.4.2 to work with images? (For me i use image scale in google photos every day)

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Jul 29, 2014, 4:37:57 PM via Website

Thanks for the comment!
Actually, I use htc one x with 4.2.2 and native photo app don't allow cut photos with definite aspect ratio, also native app don't allow to scale and rotate image at the same time. So I think, that this app can be helpfull for someone, who wants crop image faster.

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