Samsung Galaxy S4 — desktop bookmarks in stock browser - cannot find yet phone remembers them

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Jul 16, 2014, 10:44:23 AM via Website

Hello. S4 32gig att phone. Running 4.4.2 android. Not rooted. Basically as it came from box.

I have all items that ask to sync turned off. Pretty much anything that asks to sync I say no. It gets confusing when things start to sync and I cant keep track of it. I like things simple and compartmentalized.

PROBLEM when I use the stock browser, I bookmark a lot. So much that do it without looking. So I ha e apparently saved some things to desktop bookmarks instead of bookmarks. When I went looking for them I couldnt find them. I went to a page that had disappeared and tried to save it again but it wouldnt let me which clued me to the fact that some things had in fact been saved , but under desktop bookmarks instead of bookmarks. I never use other browsers and to be honest havent set any of them up. I cannot locate desktop bookmarks in my phone anywhere. The phone remembers them and even prompts me to use desktop bookmarks when I go to a few pages. But I cant find them. How can I find that list? I can only see the list of bookmarks. No desktop bookmarks. If it is A matter of syncing I would prefer to only sync what is absolutely necessary I do not want everything on my phone hanging in the cloud. My calendars pics etc. I would like help in finding the desktop bookmarks though. I have not made any attempt to remedy this other than a quick search that turned up nil on my phone. I combed your threads and couldnt find anything I could use for this specific problem. Help would be appreciated.

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Jul 16, 2014, 10:08:05 PM via Website

As you can see one of the options under the stock browser bookmark icon is save to desktop bookmarks rather than bookmarks. The interesting thing is that it seems to happen intermittently and I dont know why I sometimes have the option to do that and other times do not. So the origunal question still to view desktop bookmarks. Thanks

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