Took a punt on a '5.7" 'ZOPO ???' mobile

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Jul 4, 2014, 1:10:28 AM via Website

Hi all,

just read the 3/7/14 Best Liked Mobile story.

I had to pre order & purchase.

I took a punt and purchased the above from China .... and was amazed at the huge range of features on this mobile that are only now scattered over some the latest coming on to market phones.

it's 4.4.7 Android ...its massively fast in downloads of movies and Apps...leaves Galaxy 4 & 5 covered in dust !
Front pages can be added ..(widgets? + apps) ...came with 3 ..I have added 8 = 11 pages ...can hide your chosen security app page/s .... can any other mobiles ?
Hand gestures..shake controls ... finger security or your own made up. voice security coded ..
64GB internal ... 64GB on phone ...& 'unlimited' ?? mini.
It does all the usual stuff that others do ... many can '3 screen' at once !!

Why are we fobbed off in the West with top prices/pricing and crap 'lucky if works long ' technology ??

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Jul 4, 2014, 6:28:00 AM via Website

Hey Alec,

Are you sure it's powered by Android 4.4.7 :? I guess it should be 4.4 Android with 7 inch screen size !! Haven't heard about the device you are talking about "ZOPO" infact I have heard about it for the first time !! (nerd)

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Jul 5, 2014, 12:38:10 AM via Website

The Chinese do have very very fantastic brains! ... not just copy artists!...we've been 'blinded' with mobiles etc that 'whimper' in performance but are totally way overpriced by our Western suppliers ...

My mobile was $US 264 to my door ... and @ a stab would be charged in the WEST @ about US$1700.00 if there was any equals. states 4.4.7 ...but is speed etc it def prev. stated ...(pub racing with my mates G 4 & G5 ...well it just wasn't a contest !)

No, I'm not giving any more details or which factory/manufacturer in China ....why should I help Samsung and other manufacturers...they've ripped me for years...tickle the keys and go to China yourselves, I as did.....good hunting !! ...Punters !

Cheers !