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Jul 2, 2014, 3:33:12 PM via Website

Hello. I Use shared preferences in order to have credentials stored inside the account manager,
Therefore I had to implement AccountManager, AccountActivity, etc. It all works. And I can add an account.
However, the screen looks horrible, and not like in the designer. ( I do not use PreferenceScreen/View type, instead I do it by myself, I save the SharedPrefs manually, I read them in the app manually and I read and assign them manually , if I would like to inspect/change the created account.

Take a look, what it looks like inside designer:

And now how it looks during runtime:

Also, I cannot change the account once created, my app cashes.
I need to remove it, and add it again, resulting in the values already being filled ( meaning, though the account is removed, the values of the shared prefs still reside, and because I manually assign them each time, the account details are filled).
I need a good example for AccountManager to use an Account with customized credentials.
Does anybody know some good ones ?
I also would provide my code here, if anybody would like to see it. THX in advandce.

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Sep 6, 2014, 6:32:30 AM via Website

try opening your layout xml using Android Studio, it gives quite an accurate rendition of what will appear.