What do the different Samsung LED Indicator Notifications Mean?

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Jun 17, 2014, 1:05:21 PM via Website

* Attention * - The LED Color Notifications vary slightly between Samsung Models

The LED Indicator notifies you if your Battery is Low, if your device is Charging, or if you've missed/received a notification such as a WhatsApp or Facebook Message, SMS, or missed a Call. But what do the various LED Notification Lights on your Samsung mean?

The various Colors are easily explained:

  • Blue

1) Pulses in multi-tone blue while the device is turning on or off.
2) Blinks blue for a missed call, message, or other notification.
3) Blinks blue when you are recording voice.

  • Red

1) Glows red when the device is connected to a charger and is charging.
2) Blinks red when the device is connected to a charger but there is a problem with charging.
3) Blinks red when the battery is low.

  • Green

1) Glows green when the device is connected to a charger and the battery is fully charged.


Of course you can edit the types of LED Notifications you get by going to Menu -> Settings - > Device -> LED Indicator

From there you can Check /Uncheck events you want the LED to notify you about.


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