How to turn my European HTC One to a Thai HTC One?

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May 21, 2014, 10:46:31 PM via Website

How to turn my European HTC One to a Thai HTC One?

I bought a new HTC One (M7) in Switzerland for a Thai friend. When I turn on the phone, I can select a language in the list of the pull-down menu. The Thai language is missing in this list and I would to add this language.

  1. Can I get the Thai language if I flash the phone with a firmware using ODIN?

2.a Which firmware should I use to get the Thai language, and where to download it? I would like to use the HTC official firmware, this one pre-installed in HTC One sold in Thailand.
2.b Same question for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9005 bought in Switzerland.

  1. If I understood the guide below, a hard-reset* will not reset the phone to the original HTC firmware pre-installed on the phone when I bought it. Isn't it?

    • After flashing the phone with another firmware.

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Thanks in advance and regards.

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May 23, 2014, 8:19:36 AM via Website

What, you need to do is get the thai Stock ROM flashed over your HTC one M7 and Samsung Galaxy S4 I9005. :)

For the thai ROM had over to the Sammobile/firmware section get the thai ROM downloaded and flashed it over your Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 using the Odin. You will be working good !!

For the thai ROM of HTC (I really don't have any idea where to get its ROM from. May be moderators here can help you out on this) :(

Note: :? I tired hard in sammobile to find the THAI ROM but the problem I have seen is there is no such device available names I9005, rather than I have found the thai ROM for N9005, I doubt that you might have provided use the wrong model number or ......anyway I guess you know what to do now.