My take on 4.3 S3 LTE

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Anders Bagger
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Jan 27, 2014, 12:48:04 AM via Website

Well.... Updated my S3-LTE to 4.3

My first impressions on this update is 100% positive, as I have not encountered any problems at all.
I have updated using kies and my trusty usb data cable.

What I have seen on this update is that it is not lacking at all, not draining battery more than maximum 5% every hour.
The lockscreen (i use the pattern one) is as quick as it was on 4.1.2 and wifi is not dropping.

About photosharing! Well.... I am only "sharing" through mms or uploading to my Google+ account.
That has to be tested tomorrow.

Now... What is it that i like about 4.3?
It is simple. I like the settings menu better. My headset is not dropping out on the right, when listening to music.
I had this issue, where if I used my headset for listening music, then only one in twenty times were I plugged in the headset, I would have sound on both right and left. Now this is fixed. And ohh.... I like the default music player better now. The artwork is now bigger, and the play/stop/forward buttons are way better looking. I like texting/sms font and style better now.

The worst part of 4.3 update is the photo-album. I really liked the old one better. Well... Nothing is perfect.
All in all. A good update that (for my phones part) runs really great without bugs, using the settings I personally like.

Hope this report will be at some use to AndroidPit readers and/or staff.

These photo's are of my battery-life, before and after the update.

4.1.2 firmware

4.3 firmware

I can "share" from within my gallery. Using upload to Google+ and sending through mms.
NO way, I am having facebook on my phone.

My WIFI does not drop eighter.

Seems like I have a fully functioning upgrade on my phone. :-)

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Loie Favre
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Jan 27, 2014, 6:55:04 PM via Website

Hey Anders!

Wow!! Thank you so much for your feedback on how the Android 4.3 update has affected your Galaxy S3! You finally got in Denmark eh? That is great! I know you had been annoyed that it hadn't arrived yet. But yet, it has!!!

I had the same issues in regards to the Gallery! I hate that the pictures are all displayed in different sizes and its hard to see where one finishes and the other one begins! Other than that, I also really liked the new look and settings, which is a lot clearer. The only heart-breaking thing is that, well, my phone was stolen :( two weeks ago. I'm so sad, but I guess I will survive. I only really enjoyed the update for about 1 week. So you can enjoy it for me! :(

Anders Bagger
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Jan 28, 2014, 2:53:17 AM via Website

Thanks Loie, and sorry for you'r loss.
This report was no big deal to make. I really were, annoyed by the lack of 4.3 on 9305.
9300 got the update on 31 december as far as I can remember. I could be wrong though.

And yet another batterylife-update from me (forgot to make screenshots) :-(
My battery was down to 39%, when I plugged in the charger.
And the good part of it. Well.... Sorry to say, that it only lasted little over 20 hours... LOL
Yes. 20+ hours.

I did 3 laps in real racing 3.
I did 20 to 30 text messages.
I talked for about 2 to 3 hours.
I checked mail using outlook a couple of times.
I used the timer because I did the laundry (1.15 hours).
And I went on wifi to surf the net one hour or so.

All that (as far as I remember) in roughly 20+ hours. I have way better batterylife now.
And I do not know why. I am a happy man. :-)

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Loie Favre
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Jan 28, 2014, 6:51:49 PM via Website

I would be too! 20 hours is great! I remember back with Android 4.1.2 the battery was really the pits and I was worried that the 4.3 update would just make it worse. I installed Battery Doctor to keep a closer look at what's using most battery. It's interesting to know all you've done and it still did so well!

Anders Bagger
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Jan 29, 2014, 4:31:44 PM via App

Just checked my ram status. And my system uses somewere between 800 to 900 megabyte memmory after i have closed all programs and clicked on clear memmory. Before i cleared up my memmory, it used roughly 1.2 gigabyte out of 2. I really do not know what the load was before I updated to 4.3