KUNO Tablet.no access to system .

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steve sweeney
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Jan 20, 2014, 11:15:34 PM via Website

I had bought i refurbished Kuno tablet by ARCHO'S model a101c 10.1 gingerbread 2.3.1... these were school tablets. it works great. only problem is i cannot access anything such as system system files updates most things are grayed out when i go to them or they just dont show. im sure its been locked out of that some how. wrote the company they were not much help . they actually told me i couldnt update it from ginger bread. is this true and if so why.. how can i gain access to my tablet its like theres no admin rites im not threw google play but i do have google search.? google play will not accept downloads from the kuno, amazon only. Can i change the firmware to a higher frimware how can i gain access to all programs on my tablet. it does not use google play.and gets annoying when i try to open something and it wont open or appears not to even be there. i even have downloaded the ANDROID app to search threw your tablet and it finds everything but most shows nothing is there or wont open any suggestions.is it locked some how? Archos was not much help thanks in advance.