Sony Xperia Z1 — Xperia Z1 USB port cover fell of during normal use

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Jan 7, 2014, 5:29:13 AM via Website

Hi, the waterproof flap which covers the USB port on my Xperia Z1 has been lost. It must've been slightly loose and came off altogether when putting it into or taken it out of my pocket. I've searched everywhere and can't find it. I need to somehow get a new one as this has spoiled the looks and waterproof protection of my brand new phone. I am very happy with the phone, but this has really put the damper on it. Is there somewhere I can buy a few replacement caps to have just in case this happens again, and are these capable of self installing?
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We will be covering a series of post here where we will bring out some of the weird issues happening to Sony Xperia Z1. It is the “Best of Sony” yet but it seems in respect to its hardware quality and the firmware bugs it still lags. We first discussed here the yellow hue tint issue on Xperia Z1 which was acknowledged by Sony as per their change log of 14.1.G.2.257 firmware update but we can confirm and even many users that yellow hue tint on Xperia Z1 is still present and Sony is taking this issue as firmware bug though it likely seems to be an issue related to faulty panels used in Xperia Z1...
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Feb 14, 2014, 7:54:00 AM via Website

Yeah, I just had this happen to me and the phone is ONE day old...

When I started using the phone yesterday after plugging it in to charge, I was fearing that it would come off and get lost.

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Feb 14, 2014, 10:47:48 AM via Website

I've had a few Xperia phones, and initially Sony(Ericsson) spent more on the quality rather than development. The X10 was (for its time) a really nice phone and extremely well built; there was a thread on XDA about what users phones had gone through and survived, one even having watched a bus drive over his X10 and it being almost unscathed. The downside was that the X10 was behind every other phone firmware-wise: It was running Donut(android 1.6) when all its rivals were on Froyo(android 2.2); was updated to Eclair(android 2.1) when the rivals had Gingerbread(android 2.3); and the bootloader was only unlocked a year after it came out, and even then the unlock method was pretty scary with a relatively high risk of bricking the phone. The moral of the story is, cutting edge features come at a price, and Sony have responded to users requests to focus on firmware rather than hardware. It's generally the same all round: since the Galaxy S the build quality and design of Samsung phones has deteriorated but the amount of technical gimmicks has increased ; HTC have focused on the One's build quality and raw specs rather than add ground-breaking technology; LG with the Nexus 5 has met them in the middle with pretty good no-thrills firmware and pretty good no-thrills design.


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Dec 17, 2016, 5:07:30 AM via Website

Hello Sir,

The replaceable USB, micro SD, and sim card caps and trays are available on ebay, Maxabhi, aliexpress.

Hope it might be helpful for you.

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