Samsung Galaxy S2 — BLANK IMEI and BASEBAND UNKNOWN S2 I9100

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Jan 2, 2014, 3:12:40 PM via Website

Hi I am hoping someone can help me with my problem.

I bought a S2 I9100 for xmas (gingerbread 2.3.4 XWKI4 with the problems of Blank IMEI and Baseband Unknown. I fixed it first time using S2 Repair app, this got my IMEI number back. I then unlocked it with tesco sim PAYG using Galaxy S Unlock which worked first time !!!! Great !!!
BUT then like the noob i am, i updated via kies and stupidly did a software update via the phone.....then BAM...blank IMEI and baseband unknown ??
I tried the S2 Repair app again BUT now does not work ??
I am presuming the S2 repair is trying to repair old maybe corrupt efs files ???? Anyway...this is now what i have done so far .....

Flashed firmware XWKI4 lost root and problem persists
Flashed insecureCF-Root-SGS2_XW_NEE_KI4-v4 and secure CF-Root got root back but problem still persists ??
I have read about a 9 step guide of changing nv_data files but I dont think i have original efs back up BUT i do have back ups of what the S2 Repair app did and also the Galaxy S Repair app. They are in folders in the internal sd card.
First of all when i used the S2 Repair it saved the efs folder as.tar and .tar.gz files (SO THIS WOULD BE THE CORRUPTED EFS FOLDER?)
Secondly after the S2 Repair fixed the IMEI i then used Galaxy S2 Unlock to unlock it......BUT first it asks you to save the actual efs folder, which i did and it saved to the Unlock Folder on the internal SD Card (SO THIS WOULD BE THE WORKING/REPAIRED EFS FOLDER ?)
BUT then when it reverted back to same problem i went onto S2 repair to try again so it would of saved the corrupt EFS folders ???
I have backed up the folders on my external sd card but i do not have any (dot).nv_data.bin files but i do have (dot)nv_data.bak files ?? I have also backed up the corrupt files i think in Ktool
My head is battered now and dont know what files are what ??? Any help would be great !!!! Thanks in advanve !!!!

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