Happy New Years everyone! What is your new years resolution?

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Jan 2, 2014, 11:52:47 AM via Website

I hope everyone had a great holiday and all the best for you guys in 2014!

As a new year comes, so do the new resolutions ;) My new years resolution is to be less stressed and eat better. What about you guys?

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Jan 2, 2014, 9:37:31 PM via Website

Not spend hours every day tinkering with my phone - that one's broken already.
Cut down on the cigarettes and alcohol, as always.
Back to Uni and learn/re-learn Java,C,C++,PHP.
Get the willpower to do the above...


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Jan 4, 2014, 12:55:50 AM via App

i hope android OS have very simple and no need to take a lot RAM and storage. hope fb game come to android such as marvel avenger alliance and MOW. hope smartphone and tablet should start 3 or 4g of RAM, 32 or 64 storage and quad core with affordable price.

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Jan 4, 2014, 9:34:41 AM via Website

Every year, people resolve to change aspects of their lives, whether it’s their weight or their parenting techniques. Some people write down their resolutions and keep them in plain sight, others have more personal resolutions locked in their journals or their hearts. Parade Magazine has come up with the top 10 resolutions people make each year and suggested some apps that could make them happen.

Lose weight

This one will be on my list, too this year. Let’s hope it lasts more than a month. Parade suggests the app Nutrino (Free – iOS) to help those wanting to make a dietary change. This app allows you to enter your favorite foods and then comes up with menu ideas that will incorporate those foods into a healthy diet. Another strategy I’ve heard is to choose a clothing item you’d really like to wear and buy it in the size that will fit your target weight. I’ve been wanting to get a fun pair of adult-sized footed pajamas from JumpinJammerz.com, so I’m planning on getting them in the right size for my future, slimmer 2014 self.

Improve your finances

People always want to do better at saving money, creating budgets, and growing their assets. The budget and finance app Mint (Free – iOS, Android) can help you do just that. It syncs with your bank accounts and categorizes your expenses so you can see just where all that money inexplicably goes. It also helps you set goals and gives you pointers on how to reach them.


Related to weight, this one focuses more on the physical fitness aspect. Human (Free – iOS) is an app that asks you to “commit to moving at least 30 minutes every day.” It counts a number of activities, including, walking, stair-climbing, cleaning, and stretching. Thirty minutes a day doesn’t sound so hard. Maybe I could do that.

Get a new job

Job dissatisfaction is fairly common, but finding a new one takes guts and determination. Job Search (Free – iOS, Android) is an app designed to help job seekers find companies who are hiring for positions in their skill sets and will even let you submit applications right from your phone. If the time is right for a change, don’t let difficulty in finding job openings hold you back.

Eat healthier

Everyone wants to eat better, but not everyone knows how to do so. Just what should we be eating, anyway, and how do we find the right foods for the right price? Fooducate (Free – iOS, Android) is an app that allows you to “scan grocery barcodes and get a nutrition grade from A to D.”

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Jan 5, 2014, 3:03:29 PM via Website

My new year resolution is to not make any resolution. :-P
BTW, resolutions are meant to be broken!

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