Transfer music and files from computer to android without SD card?

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May 2, 2013, 8:52:24 PM via Website

I recently bought 2 ea Samsung Galaxy S2 phones model SGH-S959G from Amazon and I can't seem to find anyone that can answer my question (tried Samsung and Net 10 customer service with no avail). When I plug my phone into my computer via the USB cable nothing comes up. When I touch "USB Storage" still nothing comes up but I can find the drive through My Computer. However I can't move any files, folders, or music between my android and computer. Is this because my phone didn't come with an SD card? Can I not save this information to the hard drive of the phone or do I have to have an SD card in the phone?

This low tech geezer in a high tech world with my new fancy phone would appreciate any help in this matter!

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Jan 27, 2014, 8:04:16 AM via Website

If your phone/tablet has an SD card, there is a MUCH easier way to do this is:
1. Simply unmount your SD card on your device and then remove it
2. Plug the SD card into your computer's card reader
3. Add a folder called "Music" if one doesn't exist on the SD card
4. Move all the songs/albums you want from your Media Player library into the Music folder on the SD card (including album art)
5. Put the SD card back into your device, and your device reads the media on the SD card and you're ready to listen to all the music you just transferred.

If your device doesn't have any external storage, you may read this thread from Apple:
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If you have problem during the music transferring between computer and Android, read the guide below:
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