Create your own game with "App dev empire"

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Jan 23, 2013, 11:51:49 AM via Website

At the moment , millions of people are using android , either on phones, tablets ,or even digital cameras !
Many are interested in android apps and games and so many wanted to make their own.
Many of them had tried to start their own "android development journey" but after sometime they found that they had spent a lot of time and effort learning unnecessary things and with no clear results!

But I believe that was only in the past, because now with the strong tutorials such as "App dev empire" ,Android development has getting more easy.

Click on the link below to go to download page

So, what is this "app dev empire" ?

This is is a full A-to-Z fast-start course where I take you by the hand and develop a fully working game with you!
let’s get through it quickly together.
In Lesson 1 we'll download and install the development environment together, I will show you how to get around fast, the tools you really need to start fast! It's very easy even if you don't have any programming skills at all!These are actual video tutorials where you will be looking over my shoulder and duplicating my success!
Next we'll get into creating your first project. You discover how to create a user interface for your first game. We will be creating your own "Scroll shooter" genre game! Just like iCopter, jetpack joyride or R-Type popular games. A simple to create game that still shows all the types of development you would need to create other games!
On the next step you will discover how to create the core of the game, how to connect actions in the game, and how to add a scrolling background.
In the next lesson we'll create the main player, teach him how to behave in the game and use the player's controls, how to avoid obstacles. We'll also add some cool animations, such as explosions!
Next we explain how to check the interactions with the objects and teach our player to avoid the obstacles, adding more cool animations along the way.
Next we'll add game bonuses to keep the player motivated. Finally we'll set the conditions of game victory and defeat, and add some cool music and visuals.
In the final video tutorial we'll show you how to export the finished game into the Android™ marketplace, called GooglePlay, submit, and start making sales!
In conclusion, you will have a full plug and play solution that you can be selling in the marketplace right away! And remember there is no approval or risk that your game will be declined! That's the beauty of developing for Android™!

Click on the link below to go to download page

This is already a hell of a lot of value for you! But it gets even better.
Creating a game is just a part of the story! Making money by selling it is where the best value is. That's why I will not leave you stranded wondering where to get traffic, and will address this question in the final part of the course called "The Top 9 ways of monetizing your app or game and the top 7 traffic sources that will help you drive traffic and market your creation!"
And the best part - it is a fully multimedia self updating course! It means once you join, you are IN for life.This includes all the future updates that will be provided for free for you! There are no DVDs to be shipped or any other delays. You will get instant access to the member area where I collected all the necessary resources and lessons for you, including the video tutorials!
Remember this is a crash course, no filler, no water;forget wasting weeks and weeks on learning things you'll never need. Only the information you really need to get started fast without requiring any prior programming skills whatsoever!

Click on the link below to go to download page