How the gaming on the xperia play?

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Sep 7, 2011, 5:02:27 PM via Website

Im thinking of picking one up for my younger brother (Hes turning 16 soon) Hes a bit of a gamer and I saw someone at work running Minecraft on it and thought it might be the right phone for him. Hes more into Ps3 style action and shooters (CoD, MoH, etc) Its supposedly PS certified but what does thar mean? How are teh title on it?

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Sep 7, 2011, 5:05:54 PM via Website

I've had mixed feelings about the play since I picked one up accouple of months ago. For the gaves that are out on the system the controls are great. But thats the problem... there just arent that many games out on the system. It's mostly a licensing thing but still I was expecting more. That being said there was a recent announcement of 150 new games coming out for the system so there should be somethign out there for him. If hes a PS3 fan Deadspace was jut released and the performance on the Play is great.