Samsung Galaxy S2 — How I solved my SGS2 battery drain probs...

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Aug 4, 2011, 6:13:10 PM via Website

I actually realized it was the app Launcherpro causing my S2 to drain.

Using android system info app, I can see there are 2 processes ( android.process.acore) using up to 100% of CPU regularly. The exact file is com.fede.launcher running in the background.

So, I did this: went into Launcherpro General settings and disabled the "Keep in memory," entered Android system info app again, manually ended the task for android.process.acore This would stop the android os drain

Please note that, whenever you restart your phone, the same file will reappear and you need to manually kill it. This solution works for me and I'm now able to use S2 for 2.5 days with moderate use of 3G and screen brightness at max.

I guess this is my best solution until Launcherpro comes up with an update. It's not Samsung's fault, though...I know that for sure now.

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Nov 7, 2011, 10:21:41 AM via Website

I found your posting true indeed.
However, there's a problem once I kill android.process.acore and quit ASI.
When I reopen it, android.process.acore get back to live and kicking 100% cpu again.
Please tell me to end task permanently.

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Nov 7, 2011, 2:21:24 PM via Website

I really wouldn't kill the android.process.acore process as that is most likely your launcher i.e. your real interface with the phone. Most Android builds have two acore processes and one is direclty tied into your launcher so if you were to really completly stop the process you would no longer be able to use the phones touch screen or acutally really work with the phone. So my advice would be to leave it alone.

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