Google maps offline download and .gpx navigation

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Jul 17, 2011, 1:40:13 PM via Website


The background is, that I've taken up up hiking and biking as hobbies.
One of the issues is, that I cannot have google maps display gpx routes and that in the forrest, I normally don't have a 3G connection, so the maps either lag or aren't there at all.

So, what I would like is the possiblity to download an area (preferably a google earth view) into the phone to be stored there and available for offline navigation.
The second thing, I would like, is using these maps together with hiking routes that I can usually download as gpx files. I am aware of the existance of mytracks and oruxmaps, both of which I have to look into more closely.
I will have to see, if navigation along those routes is then possible,

If this is possible, I would also like to use it for the bike. I would then buy a (cheap) 7" android tablet, to mount on the handlebar, to view the maps.

I would really appreciate any help you guys might be able to offer.


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Jul 18, 2011, 9:57:23 AM via Website

What a cool idea. :grin:

I'm not sure how to download an aerial view from Google Earth but I know how to download an aerial view from Google Maps. First, download the update, click on the "Settings" button and choose "More." Then, click on "Labs" and check the option "Download Map Area." Now, go back to the map of your area and simply hold down on a place within that map (like, say,the biking area). A little icon will pop up telling you the name of the park / forest. Click on the arrow button next to the name and you'll be taken to a menu. Simply click "download map area" and the app will download all map data within a 10 mile-radius.

Mytracks works great on my Sensation. You just have to make sure the GPS on your phone is working correctly before using it

Good luck! Hope this was helpful.


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Jul 18, 2011, 8:28:05 PM via Website

Hi Steven,

thanks for your kind reply.
I'm downloading the map right now.
Do you maybe know, where the map is stored?
I think I read somewhere that areas of google earth maps can be downloaded on the PC aswell. If they were usable for Mytracks and oruxmaps, that would be a great help.
Mytracks appears not to be doing exactly, what it should. I thought I remembered bein able to select various different maps in Mytracks and having it turn the map according to the direction I'm moving, but it doesn't seem to do that anymore....
Or maybe it was a different program, I was using....

Anyways, I'll look into it... I'd appreciate more ideas, if someone has any on the subject.


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