Fascinate problems after upgrade..

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Jul 6, 2011, 10:34:50 AM via Website

I purchased a Fascinate in January and it worked well for several months. Sometime last month, we installed the OTA software updates. The phone then began freezing constantly. Occasionally it wouldn't even work near a WiFi hotspot with security. It would lock out Verizon in favor of WiFi it couldn't access.

We took it to Verizon store yesterday and we learned that this is a common problem. The customer service lady told us she had seen many phones lock up like this after the Samsung upgrade. She was able to pick and choose software and push it out manually to the equipment. Phone now works for text and voice, but no internet or apps.

The phone is still in warantee. However, since Verizon changed their warantee plan, they no longer stock loaner phones in their stores. Unbelievable. Verizon doesn't seem to care that we haven't had a phone with internet in WEEKS. Anyone else have problems with their Fascinate??

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Jul 8, 2011, 7:21:23 PM via Website

My phone has been doing the exact same thing since the Samsung upgrade. They know about the problems and yet their solution is to send out "another" phone. I have sent 3 phones back in the past two weeks. I'm new to verizon and this is my first phone with them. I am paying almost twice what I was paying with t- mobile and the service is horrible. The absolute worst business decision I have ever made was going with Verizon. They hide behind "it is a manufacturer issue"....well I bought my phone and service from VERIZON. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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Aug 1, 2012, 9:18:57 PM via Website

My fascinate does the same thing... Ive had mine for about a year now and I cant STAND IT! My app store wont even load is says force close, my battery doesnt even last half a day when i charge it ALL night with all the display settings on low. It freezes up CONSTANTLY when i get a phone call. sometimes it will freak out and the screen will go to like a whole different pages so i have to take the battery out. I HATE my fascinate.

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Aug 14, 2012, 5:47:50 PM via Website

My suggestion: root it and install a custom ROM without the bugs! B)