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Jun 29, 2011, 3:44:47 PM via Website

Feel free to share your experiences with the community in our new SE Xperia Arc Forum

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Aug 18, 2012, 11:10:07 AM via Website

Thank you for the warm welcome.Had been a member this past couple of days.Even had a conversation with Eric McBride yesterday.
Had my device since January,an Xperia Arc LT15i.Originally on Android version 2.3.4 build 0.62 but had it updated to version 4.0.4 build .431 at a local SE
Service Centre locally.Iam from Penang, Malaysia.Immediately after the update I requested to have my bootloader unlocked and to root the device
which they could not do.Why that request,cause I've spent so much time reading about stuff like that on so many android sites.So,had I absorbed what I've learnt?
Very sorry to say that the answer is a big NO!!! Just because iam an illiterate with computers.Today I found out that there is an update available and that I will need
to use a computer to update with pc companion.Is pc companion on my phone or do I have to download to the computer via on Google,yeap,it's via I came across an article written by lightyear 0420 bombarding staffs of Sony and certain other android sites for referring new android users to use
pc companion to update.He even goes as far as having words with Sony administration.The argument was that pc companion was not working for so many people and he had
recommended Sony Ericsson Update Service(SEUS) Now my status,LIMBO.Like me there will be thousands getting their new phones,wanting to explore,all noobs,very eloquently named by xda.We,and I think I speak for all new android device owners need proper step by step guidance so that we are able to succeed having control over our device with the helpfrom all you learned person here on androidpit.And not f**kup the device.Sorry for such a lenghtly essay.From the heart,this.Thank you.

Well I tried updating via pc companion.Was not successful.Then tried the other,SEUS.Downloaded onto pc after completion showed error.Did not even have a go at it.Sucks.
On a borrowed laptop had to return to owner.Will resume in a couple of days.Not giving up just yet.

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