the solution to the tablet pc can't enter the home

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Feb 24, 2011, 11:44:14 AM via Website

i brought the tablet pc for several weeks.Firstly,i decide to buy the tablet pc,just because my best friend have one,and look likes fantastic one,so i brought one from a china website.
i'm very happy when i receive the tablet pc.But then i find the tablet pc have still keep in the starting.And can't enter the home.I'm so angry with it.So i ask for the website to solve this problem.So i get this root up.The matter is solved.
If you meet this problem,please do as i said.
1.the firet step:
Put on the charge
the machine.
Then press the center
Button + power button
+Home button together
2.the second step:
Hold on for a moment(10’s)
Until the the machine screen
Display the word.
And then just follow the word’s
3.Select the update item
Which screen remand.
Just as follow
A) Use the (+-)button
select the apply the sdcard: then press the menu button
B) Use the (+-)button
Select the wipe date/factory reset item
And then select :YES delete all user
then press the menu button
C) Use the (+-)button
Select the wipe cache patition
then press the menu button
D) Select the reboot system now
then press the menu button
4.after the all select
Has been down the
Machine will restart by

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