[Free] Deep in the woods - the new Roguelike Card Game

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Jan 4, 2021, 11:48:07 AM via Website

The new Roguelike Card Game

Some seek fortune
Some seek fame
What will you find...
deep in the woods?

In "Deep in the woods" you role as a group of heroes who arrived in a enchanted forest and find a lot of monsters and dangers, now you have to choose one of the 6 unique heroes with different skills to fight against the creatures and advance across the hazards!

But not only that!
Deep in the woods is not another roguelike card game, you can find not only creature cards, potions, and traps, but also 4 hard to defeat final bosses, at least 5 especial effects like poison, burning, freezing, confusion etc. and some other special cards with different effects.

Make sure to select well the attributes to upgrade each time you beat a level, if you die you will start from 0 again, but you can buy items and rings before your next try to make it easier and easier until you beat the entire run.

Download Deep in the Woods on Google Play


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