How to improve Galaxy S8 / S8+ battery life

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Koyal Kumari
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Sep 11, 2020, 12:41:12 PM via Website

Software tweaks
Find out which apps and features are using the most battery
Google added a very useful feature in Android Lollopop, and it remains indispensable to this day. Visit Settings > Battery, and you’ll find a handy list of apps and features (like the screen, Wi-Fi and your cellular connection), along with the amount of battery each of them is responsible for using. Click on each entry on the list to fix the problem; e.g. by disabling or removing unwanted apps, turning down the screen brightness or disabling Wi-Fi.

Enable MID power saving mode
Samsung’s power saving mode returns with the Galaxy S8. You can enable it via Settings > Battery, or find it in the quick settings (drag down from the top of the screen twice to see the full range of options). You can choose to manually enable it, or you can be alerted when your phone’s battery reaches a certain percentage and enable it then. To turn on the notification, from the Battery page visit Advanced > Notification > Low Battery Notification.

(In previous versions of TouchWiz, it used to be possible to have power saving mode turn on automatically… but that feature has been removed in the Nougat era. You can apparently do something similar in Tasker, although this does require root access.)

However it’s turned on, the effects are the same. Apps won’t be able to fetch data in the background, so you’ll need to have apps open to see incoming messages and notifications. However, texts and calls will be unaffected. Location services are also disabled, but these can be re-enabled manually if desired. Even vibrations will be kept to a minimum. The phone’s performance can also be limited to save additional power, so you may notice more stuttering or lag than usual.

Enable MAX power saving mode
If power saving mode isn’t strong enough, there’s only one place you can turn: MAX POWER SAVING MODE. Accessible in the same area as vanilla power saving mode, ultra power saving mode goes even further to limit your phone’s performance and eke the absolute maximum of battery life out of your phone. The display is dimmed and returned to 720p resolution, a dark theme is applied, your apps are limited and CPU speed is lowered to 70%.
Use a battery case
Another good option would be to pick up a battery case: a case with a built-in battery pack, allowing you to augment the capacity of your smartphone with ease. However, battery cases haven’t yet been made for the Galaxy S8. If you’re reading this after mid-April 2017, then check out our range of S8 and S8+ battery cases below:

[Samsung Galaxy S8 Active][1]

Wrapping up
So there you have it — five ways to improve your battery life on the new Galaxy S8 and S8+. Thanks for checking out the article.

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Apr 28, 2022, 8:39:41 AM via Website

You can simply swap the old battery with the new one because your battery has been degraded so much

Joy of Smartphone
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May 17, 2022, 10:08:38 PM via Website

*accuracy depends on carrier version.

Ever wonder how much did your battery degraded? Try this.

Download es file explorer( or any file viewer that can read system file)

Go to root( by touching the the symbol / ).

Sys -- class --- power supply --- battery

Scroll down to the fg_fullcapnom & Fg_cycle

Open with es note viewer ( or any text viewer)

Fg_ fullcapnom - . That Is your current battery capacity in mAh.

Fg_cycle - to see the charging cycle.

Mine 3 months old s8+ at 3280mah and 70cycles