Why Do People Use VPN Application Services?

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Jan 16, 2020, 6:50:41 AM via Website

Nowadays the VPN Apps are more popular because every person wants security and privacy. but why people are using VPN services? if you want to get an answer so we have collected some of the reactions which are discus below.

1. It Protects Your Freedom

While freedom of speech and expression is considered a somewhat universal right, the reality is completely different. People in Middle Eastern countries often have to rely on self-censorship so as to not end up in legal trouble. Sometimes, the consequences can be downright atrocious – a Saudi Arabian blogger, for instance, ended up being flogged in public for his blog!
What’s more, people in countries with oppressive governments aren’t the only ones who are having their free speech rights restricted. Even Internet users in the “free” world have to put up with hate speech laws which dictate what somebody can or cannot say online.

2. It Helps You Access Restricted Content
The Internet is full of amazing music and video platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Pandora. It’s just a shame, not all online users can enjoy everything those websites offer. Why? Because many platforms enforce geo-restrictions that prevent Internet users from watching/listening to various content if they’re not from the “right” geographical location.

For example, if you’re not from the US, you won’t be able to enjoy the Netflix US library or Pandora Radio. When you connect to the platforms, the websites will know what your real IP address is (and – consequently – what your geo-location is), and block access to their content or redirect you to other pages.

3. A VPN Secures Your Online Connections
With cybercriminal attacks becoming a serious threat nowadays, you need to take extra security measures whenever you use the Internet – especially when you connect to unsecured WiFi networks. As convenient as they might be when you need web access on the go, unsecured networks are extremely dangerous since hackers can easily eavesdrop on your connections and steal sensitive data such as your:

Bank account details
Login credentials
Credit card information

4. A VPN Improves Your Gaming Experience
Yes, you heard it right – you can actually use a VPN for video game-related stuff. Here is a shortlist of the things you can do with a VPN:

Play in any region you want (even if it’s geo-locked)
Play newer games earlier
Bypass annoying IP bans
Play games that were banned
Potentially reduce lag and ping times
Protect yourself from DDoS attacks from sore losers

5. A VPN Can Save You Money on Airplane Tickets
If you didn’t already know about this, airlines actually practice online price discrimination – basically displaying different prices to Internet users from different countries. What that means is that if you’re from the US, for instance, you might be shown pricier tickets than someone from India. That’s not all, though – you might also be shown more expensive tickets if the airline website identifies you as a recurring visitor (based on your IP address).

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The thing about airplane tickets is interesting