The Top Most Innovative Global Islamic Apps of 2019

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Jul 23, 2019, 12:58:30 PM via Website

While apps are in downfall across many sectors, Muslim People are using a unique lot of apps in daily life. Some of them are a time of prayer, or the Qibla direction to pray in. Or perhaps you are looking for halal food in your area, or maybe you need to find your better half but you aren’t interested in the flirtations of mainstream dating apps. Apps with all of these uses as well as a set of apps creating technology for refugees, technology connecting consumers to Islamic finance, and beautiful apps built to tell unique stories. the most innovative global Muslim apps of 2019 that are reviewed below.

Prayer times, Quran, Azan & Qibla - Muslim Globe Prayer Times app also helps the Muslim around the world to calculate Zakat and usher. The main purpose of this Application is to enable Whole Muslims to find out how much Zakat and usher they have to pay in term of money, livestock, and harvest after deducting their culpability and personal Needs from the total amount. Through the Muslim Globe app, you will enable you to read the 15 Line script Quran. The 15 Line Quran is used by millions of Muslims across the world. T The Muslim Glob app will help you to count your daily dhikr and other important Gabehart and wazify in a very easiest way. The Muslim Globe App contains six Klamath sharif with English Translation.

Muslim Globe - Prayer times - Muslim Globe is an iOS application, This Application will allow users to search Prayer times, Tasbikh, Quran, Azan, six Klamath, Qibla, Islamic Calander and Islamic Events like Eideen, Ramadan, etc. The Muslim Globe Application is accepted by more than 90 million Muslims around the whole world as the most accurate Prayer time, Azan, Qibla, Islamic Calander, and Islamic Events application. Through Muslim Globe Application you can find the location of Mosques and the location of Qabila Roh as well.
Quran Companion - Millions of Muslims around the world make one of their life goals to memorize the Quran in its entirety or at least in part. Memorizing the Quran no longer has to be difficult or exclusive to madrasahs thanks to Quran Academy. Founded in 2014 by Bilal Memon, a Quran Hafiz, and Entrepreneur who works with TechStars, the young company has released a one-of-a-kind Quran memorization an app that is more than just an audio recitation tool. Their maiden app, Quran Companion has gamification and learning technologies including flexible learning environments, guided lesson plans, a “swipe to reveal” game that uses proprietary technology, social-led group challenges and a motivational daily global leaderboard.

Zabihah One of the original Muslim apps and still one of the best ever. For Muslims in The United States, the Zabihah app has been a game-changer. If you ever wonder where the Halal food is around you anywhere in the world just open this app, shake your phone and you will find all the Halal goodness within a 50-mile radius. Founded by Shahid Amanullah in 1998, has been one of the leading advocates for Halal food around the world using all the data they have gathered to help take the industry to the next level.
Islamic GPS is an augmented reality app that has been designed to help you discover and connect with breath-taking Islamic heritage sights around the world in a completely enriching way. A truly exciting and awe-inspiring experience. By using your smartphone, simply hold up your camera as you move it 360° and you will engage with your chosen landmarks.