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Jul 17, 2019, 8:52:46 AM via Website

After BBM shut down, many BBM users have started to use Bat Messenger(BAT). It's end-to-end encrypted. Its features are designed to protect your privacy. Except the basic messaging tools, you can enable Screenshot alert, Destroy password, Confidential code and I add others only to protect your privacy.

It's free to download in Google play. Unlike other messengers, signing up for BAT is really simple and anonymous. It doesn't ask for your phone number or email and will never access to your phone contacts. BAT will never collect user data because it uses end-to-end encryption. Your messages will be only stored in your phone rather than BAT's server.

Set a password and nickname then you can start to use it. You will find the UI is simple and easy to use. There are four sections-- Chat, Contacts, Explore and Settings. BAT is not limited to chatting with your friends. You can connect with the world more secure by BAT. Feeds later will be added in Explore section, you can explore Feeds to know what's happening in other place and meet new friends.
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What makes BAT different is the broadcast features. By using Broadcast, you can send messages to many people without being in a group chat. At present, you can select up to 500 contacts to broadcast messages. Signal doesn't support Broadcast. In WhatsApp, users can select up to 256 contacts to broadcast messages. In Telegram, broadcast is called “channel.” Users can first add up to 200 people to a channel. If the member count reaches 200, the channel will become an open channel and have a username.

BAT team listens to users. Bat messenger added Arabic for Arab users and will add new features like Ping and Feeds according to users' feedback. They will get back to you if you send feedback to support@batmessenger.com

Bat Messenger can be downloaded for free now in Google Play. Even though there is nothing you need to hide, but you still need to use encrypted messenger in your life, because your user ID, phone number, location are more worthy than your expection. If you think security and privacy is important, give it a try.
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