Short of rooting my Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580) tablet, is there any way to remove bloadware?

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Jan 7, 2019, 5:23:04 PM via Website

I have a Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580) WI-FI only tablet that was recently upgraded to Android 8.1.0 by Samsung. I know that many people root their devices to gain complete control over the device and that rooting will allow you to remove the Samsung Bloatware on the device. That being said i wonder if there's a way to remove this bloatware short of rooting the device? If not, I'm concerned that the rooting methods might not be compatible after my tablet was recently updated. I'm also concerned about the complexity of the rooting process as I'm not technically savvy and the last thing I want to do is turn my tablet into a brick.

My main concern is that there is so much bloatware on this device that I never use that now I'm unable to install new apps that I do want without removing other apps I do use and want to keep. Note that I have already moved the apps I can to my SD card and I'm still short on application storage.

Can I please get some advance on what direction I can take? Thanks.

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Jan 7, 2019, 7:03:22 PM via Website

Hi 'Moondoggy', I'll try to help you. Samsung devices are full of bloatware, I know (even the cheapest ones w/ low memory space). I've heard about a adb method to remove this apps, but 'idk' if works on Samsung Android 8.1. I think the only way actually is to root your SM-T580, may be hard to find the exact form for your device, but just Google it, try xda forum, etc. The firmware is newer but still being Android. After rooted, SuperUser installed, install "System apps secure remover" (you can find it on Play Store), this app list all apps installed and uninstall n backup any of them (just don't remove system core apps). If something goes wrong you can use a PC to re-install your tablet's firmware by downloading the same version on SamMobile and flashing via Odin on your tablet.

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Jan 7, 2019, 11:49:06 PM via Website

I have a little bit of a different way to free up storage that you might try before doing a Reroot.
First go into play store and turn off the auto update setting.
Then go to settings then all apps , find the app you want to get rid of. tap on it.
Then you will see options like,
Uninstall or disable.
Before you tap on either one,
There will be 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap on them.
A box should drop down saying uninstall updates. Do so!
Then clear all data on the app. Both cashed data and app data.
Then disable or uninstall the app.
You will be supprise how much storage you will clear doing this.

Caution; if you are not given the 2 choices I mention, then that is probably one of your systems apps, in that case don't do anything. You might mess up your software and cause other problems.

In addition, don't forget to clear your cashed data on all apps on a regular basis. You will find that in your storage settings.

Or you can do the re-root and take a chance at uninstalling the wrong app and messing up your OS.