Recover LG G2 uninstalled apps.

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Θεόδωρος Κοκκίδης
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Dec 22, 2018, 1:00:04 PM via Website

I consider recovering some uninstalled apps from my LG G2 smartphone.
I don’t remember their names to search and download them from the PlayStore.
Also I cannot find them through PlayStore >My Apps & Games followed by Library because all my apps. are preinstalled and do not show up in my PlayStore Library which is of course empty.

Trying to find a solution, I remembered that looking for a way to stop auto updating applications - which I succeeded to turn off - I run across a page listing all my preinstalled applications (active and uninstalled).
For each one of them its updating status (need to be updated) is presented and for the ones that I uninstalled there is the reinstall option.

I thought that I could easily navigate back to this page any time I wish,
but now - although I tried a lot - I fail to reach this page in order to reinstall the previously deleted apps.

Can you please help?

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Dec 22, 2018, 2:45:30 PM via Website

All of your preinstalled apps (factory installed). Are in settings under all apps or apps manager.
You should be able to enable them there (turn back on).
Unless you rooted your phone and completely uninstalled them!
If so, then check your re-root app. They might still be listed there.

Θεόδωρος Κοκκίδης
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Dec 26, 2018, 11:39:19 PM via Website

Dear Lindsay,
subject: Recover LG G2 uninstalled apps.

Finally I solved the issue of how to recover LG G2 uninstalled apps. that were not downloaded from GooglePlay but they were among the ones preinstalled on my phone from LG factory settings.

So the solution is:
1.From Homescreen press the gear
2. Scroll and press “about this phone”
3. Scroll and press “notification center”
4. Scroll and press “application update”
5. Bingo! All apps. that need updating, downloading or installation are here.

For GooglePlay downloads your detailed answer is the best.


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Jan 2, 2019, 9:01:38 AM via Website

It is easy to recover uninstalled apps with the help of data recover program.
When you uninstalled apps on phone, they would be first moved to the trash bin and the device will mark these files as inactive. That is to say, they still exist on your phone but are invisible and replaceable.
Thus,you can scan them with the help of 3rd party recover tool.

Θεόδωρος Κοκκίδης
Θεόδωρος Κοκκίδης
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Jan 2, 2019, 10:10:30 AM via Website

Dear Olivia 331, thanks for your reply.
Some more info about:

  • how to reach the Trash Bin of my LG G2 device to see it's content?
  • how to empty the Trash Bin or restore an item to its prior position?
  • "data recover program" is a third party application that should be downloaded to my device?

Regards, Theodore