How to recovery my micro SD card?

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Nov 27, 2018, 3:57:56 PM via Website

Hi all,

I have some problem about recovery my micro SD card.
My problem comes from below order situation.
(Note: My mobile is Lenovo K6 Note)

  1. Previous problems will occur, my mobile use micro SD card 32 GB for internal memory.
  2. I changed the micro SD card 32 GB to the new one 64 GB (I forgot to backup data before changing)
  3. When I change to the new 64 GB into my mobile, my mobile notice must format the new 64 GB and choose type of memory for this one. Then I choose "It is internal memory" (It is internal memory instead of 32 GB). Now my mobile can use the new one 64 GB. After that I intend to copy data from old 32 GB to new 64 GB.
  4. I connect the old 32 GB to my notebook. Then the problem is occur, my notebook cannot recognize the old 32 GB. My notebook want to format the old 32 GB. But I cancel that notification.
  5. I swapped back the old 32 GB instead new 64 GB. Then the problem is occur again, my mobile cannot recognize the old 32 GB too.

Moreover, I try to use multiple recovery programs, it cannot found all my data (found only 3 .swf files).


How can I recovery data from my old micro SD card 32 GB ?

Thank you very much

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