i cant restore whatsapp on my new phone properly. contacts appearing, chat history isnt

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Sep 22, 2018, 9:29:19 AM via Website

I'm moving from an S6 Edge to a newer S6. The Edge is having all sorts of issues so time to move on. Anyway I tried moving whatsapp last night and although the contacts came through I lost all my chat history. I don't know for sure that all the contacts came through but whatever. The important thing is there's zero chat history. I've now moved back to the old phone, and have restored everything there. But that's just a short-term fix.

Something similar has happened before. I was moving from an HTC that was about to die to the S6 Edge that is now problematic. At the time I also lost some chat history, but that was only a month. This time it's 3 years. Yikes. And last time when the backup was problematic, at least my phone reverted to the last acceptable backup and used that (which is what caused the month's data loss). That didn't happen this time.

One thing that I started doing after the last fiasco was I started also backing up to google drive so there's another backup. I'm hoping there's something there that can fix this. But I went to my google drive it seems like the backups aren't visible. Google seems to confirm this. I need to find out if my google drive has multiple backups or just the most recent one.

I should also mention when I tried moving to the new phone last night, it took like 30-60 mins for whatsapp to import whatever it was doing. Not sure what that was about.

One assumption I'm making is that my current phone is faulty and is making faulty backups. But I don't know if that's even a thing. Is a faulty backup even possible? Either way, I have no idea where to look next. And in my experience the official whatsapp support is horribly useless. Someone please help!

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Sep 23, 2018, 12:37:42 PM via Website

Here's a heads up!
Whatsapp used to be one of Facebook's competitors.
Facebook purchased whatsapp.
What better way for a big business to eliminate it's competitors
Since then whatsapp has been having one problem after another!
This is just my opinion,
I think Facebook is deliberately making whatsapp malfunction so people will go back to using facebook!
(Just my gut feeling)