Galaxy s7 and the 9.0 software update

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Aug 15, 2018, 1:37:05 AM via Website

Heads up all Galaxy s7 owners!
I JUST purchased a new gs7 about 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks after I purchased it I noticed a update to the 9.0 software.
I have the auto-update turned off so it didn't install. (LUCKY for me, otherwise I wouldn't be sending this post on this phone)
My device is currently running on the 7.0 software. And I found it quite strange that they would skip over the 8.0 software and update me to the 9.0
I called Samsung customer service and asked them what this update would do to my device?
They warn me not to allow this update to install! They said this (9.0) software has Beta features in it that are NOT supposed to be entered into my device! It will interfere with the rest of my software and possibly destroy my new smartphone! I then asked why they sent this update to my device knowing what it could do and the call was DISCONNECTED!
So! The only conclusion I could come to is that once again Samsung is sending out this update to damage the older phones so customers will purchase a new device!
If you own a gs7 or older model phone go into your systems update settings NOW and shut off the auto update settings! Before they get this software to install in your device!
Now I intend on contacting every government agency I can think of and file complaints against these crooks untill something is done about this!😠
If any body out there has already been burned by this update, I suggest you do the same!
Any comment to this post are welcome!😐

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