Google Keep replacement?

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Apr 27, 2018, 5:41:15 AM via Website

I've been using Google Keep and liking it. Since google killed the ability to add to a list using voice, I had been using nova launcher to launch the old Google Now (instead of assistant) to continue editing my different lists using voice controls ("Add XXXX to my YYYY list"). Somehow I screwed it up, and can't figure out what I might have updated that broke it. I'd really like a way to continue using keep, but if that isn't possible I'm trying to find a new solution. Looking for something that:

  1. Creates multiple lists, with checkboxes
  2. Can be controlled through voice commands
  3. Allows me to share and let other(s) edit list as needed
  4. Bonus: would let me add one item to multiple lists; checking it off one list would remove from all
  5. Bonus: Allows me to link a task to a new sub-list.

I can't seem to find something that lets me do this...any ideas?

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Apr 27, 2018, 9:00:19 AM via Website

A great alternative is OneNote. It has a pleasant and intuitive interface, simple yet powerful at the same time, possibilities for scoring various information, text and images. Also, cloud sync is very useful.
Google Keep did not impress me, for me, its use is quite strange.
OneNote is my favorite.

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Apr 30, 2018, 2:48:27 AM via Website

Can I open it directly into a list, which is listening to me? Again, my crucial feature is being able to hit a hardware button/on screen widget, and be able to say "Add XXXX to my YYYY list".
A combination of cortana and microsoft to-do seems like it might fit the bill. Going to look into that more.

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May 3, 2018, 4:58:23 PM via Website

Well, a long and frustrating trip. Cortana + wunderlist worked OK, but I didn't find a program that was as good as keep for what I want to do. The others that came closest were a bunch of the grocery list apps (out of milk, bring, ourgroceries). Most of these require an account, then link with Assistant ("Hey google, talk to out of milk", etc). Also other apps (todoist, etc) can be linked via IFTTT. A bit cumbersome. BUT, I found out what broke my previous system, and for some reason there's no mention of how to keep Keep working by using the old Google Now interface.
You can still use both assistant (I like it for most things) and Google Now (for keep integration and song recognition, which assistant still doesn't support?).
I'm using a nougat CM based ROM, so YMMV. Guessing that this will break permanently at some point, but still working for now.

  1. I'm using Nova launcher with a home page widget shortcut to Nova Action-->Voice search (although you could program it to a hardware button or where ever as well). This brings up the old Google Now voice search.
  2. Use default action (long press home or whatever) to bring up Assistant as usual.

Google seems to have broken this behavior in the newest Google updates; it looks like version was the last working apk. So first uninstall Google (or revert back to original installed version, otherwise it reports the apk as corrupted), and then find and install version

For some reason I couldn't find this solution anywhere on the interwebs, so hopefully this helps someone...