What you can phone explode this battery

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Apr 7, 2018, 2:16:38 PM via Website

What is battery charge cause phone explodes


Very bad battery charger, but battery charger doesn't have faster charger. If you use slow charger and it explodes! Oh no, my phone is dead!

In 2018 was posted by Facebook, where this user that posted as cause battery explode or at night go to bed while playing videos or looking sites and it explodes.

Games can warm up your device

If trying to play games like "Papa's Pizzeria to go", "Minecraft", "Roblox", "Clash of Clans", "Multiplayer of minecraft", other games.
If trying play these games at night or don't have PC or tried upgrade to Windows 10 home edition, pro, or 64bit software.
Be careful! Games will be frozen when it battery warms up on bed cloth, and burn your house where phone explodes it. Try buy PC, and get free games!
Or pasting swf files, try open SWF games faster!

You have post comment and i'll waiting for you!
Do not charge phone. Only able charge phone at afternoon.