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Oct 3, 2017, 2:47:49 PM via Website

I'm looking for a good profile manager for my Android phone. I started using Llama to silence my phone when I'm in specific buildings using Llama's cell tower locator. Worked great, was free and was light on battery usage. Did I mention it was FREE! Then I got my new smartphone with Nougat and my beloved Llama was not as dependable. I started using MyProfiles which I do like very much. Instead of using which cell tower I was being fed off I started using the WiFi in the building as the trigger. To save on battery life I also used the Bluetooth connections in my vehicles as triggers to turn off WiFi while in the vehicle. That is when I discovered that MyProfiles limited me to three trigger events unless I pay to get MyProfiles+. Being the cheapskate I am, and not wanting to give my financial info to Google, I started looking for a free profile manager. That led me to Sfen which so far seems to work but has limited Icons to tell what state my phone is in and I can't get the cell tower locator to work yet. Any good profile manager advice?

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