Samsung Galaxy s8Im so pissed!!!

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Aug 17, 2017, 5:56:31 PM via Website

I brought MY Galaxy S8 ON July 17,2017.. Today is Aug 17,2017... my phone as I was talking just died and Frooze.. it will not let me do anything. It was like it died with its eyes open. The screen still showed me the Time and charge precent. But would not shut down would not restart. It would not open it just totally dead.. tried to charge it just in case.. nothing it was like it was Dead. Go back to Metro PCS where got it , They said warranty is void because of a scrach on the back and I have to pay $200.00 to get another one.. WTF? I didnt do anything wrong it just died while I was talking, now after $822.00 I have to pay $200.00 more,..Bull shit!! I would not get this phone its too new and has alot if issues still unknown to the company. And as I have been trying to reach samsung, their is no way to get to them and tell them this is a rip off... I mean Total rip off.!!!. No one wants to touch it to fix it..or see whats wrong with it. Im so pissed its like buying a new car with warranty and the computer for the dash board just dies and now they say your warranty dont cover electric parts you need to pay for a 30 day old work again..WTH??. No one would do that ...Why would I.. how do I reach samesung???? Please This is crazy this sight even says their are issues the manfactor didnt expect to see already in this phone.. but not im stuck with a lemon.. contact me I need help And a phone Now!!!

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Aug 31, 2017, 2:35:55 AM via Website

I dont know how to Reset it? It will not do any thing. Now i took it to Metro Pcs and the 2nd store I went to the agent was able to was able to plug it up again and get it to charge up again and come back on.. it was at 72% before it went black , dont know why it went deac so quick. Thats crazy. Now thatbwas Aug 17, 2017. My 30th day!! For my warranty..smh.. so its back working all is good. Until today Aug 30th.. 2017.. my screen or my Back to Black Again.. the screen is black will not open up nothing ...only thing it does is..blink the Blue light for FB... nothing else i cant shut it down .I cant Reset. It will not do any thing even wgen charger is pluged up..or not.. This phone is barley over 30 days old and all these problems. I promise you,..Ill never Ever Get tgus phone again..If anyone ask ill Tell them not to even Think about it.. Im willing to give it back,,Right Now.. !!😡😡😠😠😠😝😣 So how do you Reset.. im willing to Try.. but Im not paying another dollor if this phone will not work.. Im not paying no deductable , I didnt do anything.. this looks like Manafactory malfunction.. and tgus needs to be look into.. because im sure im. Not the only one,,I need a New Phone or I'll just take another phone all together... im So Tired of this crap!! If anyone knows how to REST THIS CRAP PLEASE SHARE!!!!

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Aug 31, 2017, 6:10:56 AM via Website

Hold the volume down and power button at the same time will cause it to do a hard reset. It will a take few seconds to reset keep holding them till is does.

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