Love Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers

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Jul 7, 2017, 9:46:48 AM via Website

Love Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers

💕 Have you ever experienced true love? 💕 How much do you really know about that feeling? Get Love Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers game and answer many quick quiz questions about love in different languages!

Love is supposed to be the least-complicated feeling, but it still makes people do crazy things. Do you know what was the crazy thing that Hero and Leander did for each other? Or who did Casanova truly love? In this love quiz trivia game you will have an opportunity to answer those quick quiz questions and learn new love facts about all those legendary couples whose love became a part of history. But there is more to this love quiz game.


❣️ LOVE QUIZ IN 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Thai
❣️ HINTS - if you get stuck on a certain question, hint can be of help OR you can
❣️ SKIP A QUESTION, lose one life and move to the next trivia question
❣️ HEARTS are your lives, each incorrect answer is one heart less
❣️ ASK A FRIEND for help if you run out of all hints
❣️ CERTIFICATE - you get it once you answer all trivia quiz questions


With this trivia game, you can be sure of one thing: there is not a single love quiz app like this one! Of course, you'll find plenty of love tests and love calculators, but with all the trivia questions and answers - this love quiz is UNIQUE! So, what are you waiting for? Download Love Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers game, focus and start answering all those quick quiz questions about love facts and famous romances!

Fun quick quizzes in general are a nice way to have a good time and learn something new. With so many trivia questions and answers + fun facts for each one of them, this love quiz is a must-have among the apps. With a possibility to answer quick quiz questions in all the languages you know, this love quiz is more interesting than ever! So get Love Quiz game and enjoy learning new stuff through quick trivia questions and answers!