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May 28, 2017, 4:24:39 PM via Website

Beware of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Instant apps for androids program is not what it appears to be. It is installed on your device through google play services as a systems app. When you activate it in your device it links with your vital system operating apps.
At this point it is impossible to uninstall or disable. And you give google unlimited leagle permission to keep your device updated to the current version of software! If you have a older model device with only 16 gigabytes of storage space or less! The current version of software will overload your storage and render your device usless!
Google is force installing it into all android devices, telling us it will save us storage by allowing us to use a app without installing it in your device! This makes it sound very attractive to everyone with older model android phones. But that description is a flat out lie! They haven't even devloped any apps that you can use in it yet!
Don't activate it! Don't use it!
Google is trying to overload the storage in your device to render it usless because they no longer want to support the older softwear! And they really don't care how much money you paid for your device! As long as they can sell you a new phone! Remember that google became the largest and wealthiest company faster than any other company in the history of the world. And they didn't do it by being nice! If you have been stung by this, contact the US Attorney General and or the FCC-file a complaint like I did. The more letters they get the more they are apt to start a investigation!
We android phone users cannot allow google to get away with this!
Be vocal and be loud.
Rember - it's the squeeky wheel that gets the grease!

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