HTC One X — HTC 10 Software review

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May 25, 2017, 5:00:37 AM via Website

Responsiveness is the company’s new approach to software. If you dig within the settings, you won’t even find the version of Sense. HTC is calling this a unified and polished user experience, and has joined forces with Google to fight fragmentation.

It starts with eliminating bloat. HTC has decided to ditch duplicates in the software and pick the best of both worlds with stock Android. So, instead of two calendar Apps, there’s just Google Calendar. Instead of two Camera apps, there’s just HTC’s Camera. Instead of two Galleries, there’s just Google photos. We like that HTC kept the launcher, since it continues to be one of the most polished, with the best widgets, and great theming capabilities. HTC just needs to take a full step into taking advantage of Quad HD with a denser grid for the icons on the home screen. Instead the company devised a new freestyle theme that lets toggle elements within as app launchers, and you can also place app icons anywhere you want. The idea is rather good, but only my kids like the existing themes.

Blinkfeed is back with faster response times, but if it’s not your thing, it’s still removable. HTC Connect has also received some interesting enhancements by now supporting Apple’s AirPlay out of the box, a first in Android.

Now even with the launcher being HTC, apps have now adopted a closer look to material design, which we praise as it unifies the experience across HTC and Google apps. With HTC’s commitment to 15 days of software updates, the new changes will only make the process easier for the team in

HTC also includes a new Boost+ service that should be available to all Android phones soon. In a nutshell it helps you quickly boost your phone’s performance by eliminating bloat and unnecessary cache in a few seconds, something very useful.

To complement the software HTC continues to support lock screen gestures, and there’s a new Ice View case to take advantage of them. The back is now of a flexible silicone, making it easier to place and remove, and instead of the funky dot matrix icons, things are now easier to read. Double slide down and you’re greeted by the camera view finder, which then boots the display for visibility on your photo.