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May 4, 2017, 3:43:20 PM via Website


I am new here, I have published a new app on the PlayStore, it helps people to not waste food by tracking food products that you have at home.
Basically you will have a notification before the expiry date of a product.
This is the first version of the app ! So don't hesitate to send me your feedbacks.

Here is the text link to download :

And below the description :
Best Before - Food Tracker allows you to manage and track your food.
Add products, consume them or throw them away.
Track opened products and those close to expiry date.
Different categories and locations to classify products. So you will remember what is stored in the freezer..

Best Before - Food tracker features :
- Autocomplete field to enter products.
- Add images to products by taking a picture or choosing an image from your gallery.
- The app remembers products you've previously entered.
- A lot of product suggestions.
- Product management by category
- Product management by storage location
- Customization of categories, location, units.
- Notifications to remind you to eat products before expiry date or after opening.

Try Best Before - Food tracker to stop wasting food !



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May 8, 2017, 10:42:09 AM via Website

Well, the food I buy disappears right away, so I'm not sure that I'll use this XD just kidding, I guess it's useful for families. :)

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May 9, 2017, 3:15:30 PM via Website

Thanks Milena for your answer :).
Don't hesitate if you have any suggest.

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Jul 4, 2017, 1:30:29 PM via Website

I found your app on this recomendations blog post:
learn [dot] compactappliance [dot] com [slash] apps-for-your-fridge
(sorry, I'm a new user of this forum and it won't let me paste links)

It was the best one of the bunch because (at least on the description on the blog post) it claims to remind you when food will expire, AND it claims to have the ability to scan a bar code. So I downloaded it.

... and then I did not see a way to scan a bar code to add a product. Is this feature available and I'm just missing it? Or did it never allow bar codes?

Also, your About section says your website is www.bestbeforeapp.com, but that website is broken.


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